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Vision and Values

Our Vision, Values and Mission Statement

Our Values
Our Vision
Mission Statement

Our Vision for the future


At Excellent Cares, your decisions, opinions and views are always our top priority. We believe in facilitating your independence and ensure that your voice is always heard. We have a no-tolerance policy towards discrimination or abuse to make you and your family and friends feel comfortable and welcome whilst in our care.

Development & Improvement

Continuous development and improvement are essential to our services and team members at Excellent Carers and it helps us provide you with services of the highest quality possible. We work with you to identify in a detailed manner any areas you may think we could improve in and immediately take your constructive feedback onboard. Our staff development team ensures that appropriate development and improvement plans are created and enacted.


We believe that compassion is an essential quality when it comes to providing the high-quality service we aim to be known for. Our extensive staff selection process ensures that your care will be provided by only the most compassionate, caring and passionate staff, who will go above and beyond to cater to your every need.

Harmonious Environment

Excellent Carers will work tirelessly to maintain a positive working environment that provides the best support, guidance, acceptance and harmony for all our valued stakeholders.


Excellent Carers pledges to work with honesty, trustworthiness and sincerity at all times. We vow to deliver the promises we make and take responsibility for providing the best service and care possible to you.


Our highly trained staff are able to assist with behaviour support staff and assist with strategies to assist you achieve a safe environment as well as support workers, family and friends.

Our Vision for the future

The world looks different for us

At Excellent Carers, our vision is to support and empower individuals with a disability to overcome disadvantage and hurdles to personal, social and financial growth by delivering inclusive and innovative care and services.

Our vision includes providing disability related supports and care in a flexible and compassionate manner to facilitate and empower our clients to live life with happiness and positivity. We aim to build safe and welcoming accommodation facilities that our clients can call home in the future.

As a team, our vision includes delivery of services and care by highly trained staff who pay attention to and respond to our clients’ needs and preferences. Furthermore, we aim to encourage our clients to make use of our services and personalise their support and care. Including being able to choose their support staff from a wide pool of our highly specialised and compassionate team. This includes giving our clients the opportunity to meet potential candidates prior to receiving service. We will endeavour to work together with clients to develop a support framework that will help enhance the quality of their life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in close partnership with local community businesses and government organisations to strive for excellence and meet the holistic needs of our clients through the continuous provision of high quality supportive, recreational, cultural, sporting and welfare programs.

As an organisation that is community focused, we promise to endeavour to continually meet service standards and maintain excellent service management by working closely with our clients to further strengthen our current support systems and service management. By doing so, we aim to garner positive feedback and outcomes.

At Excellent Carers, we make a promise to our clients that they will always be able to make their own choices for themselves. We will act as facilitators to help our clients set goals for their care and their life as well as design frameworks and systems to ensure these goals are achieved. We will wholeheartedly support the choices our clients make and be there every step of the way to ensure these choices are realised.